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The Hong Kong Foundation for Legal Studies Limited is a non-profit making organization set up under the Companies Ordinance. It is a charitable institution recognized for revenue purposes by the Inland Revenue Department. The Foundation is dedicated to promote, foster and enhance mutual understanding and respect for the constitutional, legal and judicial systems in Greater China and the future development and betterment of persons undertaking legal studies.

The resumption of sovereignty in Hong Kong and Macau has ushered in a new constitutional order for Hong Kong and Macau under the concept of “One Country Two Systems”, which is respectively enshrined and manifested in the Hong Kong Basic Law and the Macau Basic Law. The concept of “One Country Two Systems” is historically unprecedented. It has, by largely preserving the existing laws and the legal and judicial systems in the two Special Administrative Regions, generated essentially 3 different systems of law and 3 different legal and judicial systems within our nation. Furthermore, Taiwan also has its own laws and its own legal and judicial system.

The foundation of a nation's political, economic, financial and social infrastructure, supported by its systems of implementation and regulation to ensure the well-being of society, rests with the constitutional, legal and judicial systems of that nation.  It is, therefore, important for law students and legal practitioners in Greater China to have a full and proper understanding of the different systems that are in place within Greater China.

With the trend of globalization of world trade in services and the gradual opening up of the market for legal services, the legal sector in Greater China requires greater and deeper insight into the different constitutional, legal and judicial systems within Greater China and the world at large. This assumes increasing importance to the legal profession in the future. Other than the law on record taught at universities and colleges, personal experience and close contact with the law in action will foster an early and better understanding and respect for the respective constitutional, legal and judicial systems within the nation, which will be of immense benefits to the law student and his development into an all-rounded legal professional useful to our society.

The Foundation aims to organise and provide learning opportunities and experience to persons undertaking legal studies with respect to the different constitutional orders, legal and judicial systems, legal professions and legal practice on the Mainland and in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan . A person joining our programmes will be encouraged to learn and experience for himself in a free, intellectual and constructive environment. The Foundation will also organise events to support the person's learning and to widen his perspectives and horizons.