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Welcome to the website of The Hong Kong Foundation for Legal Studies.

Hong Kong Foundation for Legal Studies Ltd. is established for the purpose of promoting, fostering and enhancing mutual understanding and respect for the constitutional, legal and judicial systems in Greater China and for the development and betterment of persons undertaking legal studies. In the past two years, with the support given by many, The Foundation has organised a series of events and activities in various parts of Mainland China, including the study of law and the political and social environment in Mainland China, and the internship with judges in Shanghai and Nanjing. The Foundation also helped in organizing events and exchange programmes in Hong Kong, Macau and on the Mainland. The activities of The Foundation covered many major cities in Mainland China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou as well as Hong Kong and Macau. The programmes were enjoyed by the participants with very positive feedback.

The Foundation has set up an alumni association. The Alumni Association consists of members who have joined and participated in a programme organized by The Foundation. The Association has its own Executive Committee with its own Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary and Committee Members. With the support and assistance of The Foundation, the Association has organised its own activities and events. From the summer of 2009, The Foundation has organised professional and commercial summer placements on the Mainland for the members of the Association. This will be part of the continuing learning programmes for the members of the Association.

For the future, The Foundation will aim to attain its mission and create more and better learning opportunities for persons undertaking legal studies.

Last, but not least, I take this opportunity to thank on behalf of The Foundation all those who have helped us. We hope to continue to receive their invaluable support and encouragement in the future.

Mr. Lau Kar Wah
Chairman, Hong Kong Foundation for Legal Studies Ltd.